Examining the Glass Castle from a Feminist Perspective

Examining The Glass Castle from a feminist perspective, I realized that this book by Jeannette Walls is an illustration of female and male stereotypes during that period of time.  Jeannette’s mother, Rosemary who was mainly unemployed and her father, Rex who was expected to earn a living for his family are portrayed as a couple more typical of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  During that time, “women were put under an immense pressure to conform to traditional role as mothers and housewives, completely dependent on their husbands” (Lamb, 2011).  As women began to assert their independence and began to realize they the same capacities as men, “official efforts were made to make women take back their places as housewives and to make them obey the wills of their husbands” (Lamb, 2011).  Obeying one’s husband and submitting to him may have included tolerating spousal abuse.  Prior to the 1970’s, violence between spouses was often accepted as part of marriage (Women’s Rights 1960). Perhaps this is the reason why Rosemary accepted the violence perpetrated against her by her husband.  I further elaborate on these issues in my video.




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